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Melaleuca, Inc. v. Organo Gold Int’l (D. Idaho – Aug. 9, 2011)

The defendants are accused of raiding a competitor’s downline. The fight is over whether Idaho is an appropriate venue. The defendant loses its motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction in Idaho.

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70 Percent Rule

Common sense is not all that common. – Anonymous When putting together a good set of policies and procedures for an MLM startup, common sense requires that companies adhere to something called “the 70 percent rule.” At its core, the

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MLM Cross-Recruiting: The nuts and bolts of cross-recruiting claims by network marketing companies

Caution: This is a very general explanation of cross-recruiting and should not be used for anything other than general information. This is not legal advice. Retain an attorney if you want legal advice. Every case is different, especially in the context of

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Bunchan v. USA (D. Mass – July 25, 2011)

“He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” – Proverb This was a last ditch effort by James Bunchan to overturn a conviction and unsuccessful appeal. This time, he represented himself. James Bunchan operated two multi-level

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Melaileuca, Inc. v. Hansen (D. Idaho – April 15, 2011)

A multi-level marketing company sends mass e-mails advertising its services, including to executives at a competing company. The competing company files suit alleging that this is unlawful spam under the CAN-SPAM Act. The plaintiff loses because it was not the

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