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MLM Cross-Recruiting: The nuts and bolts of cross-recruiting claims by network marketing companies

Caution: This is a very general explanation of cross-recruiting and should not be used for anything other than general information. This is not legal advice. Retain an attorney if you want legal advice. Every case is different, especially in the context of

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Talk Fusion, Inc. v. J.J. Ulrich, et al. (M.D. Florida – July 11, 2011)

Magistrate’s order granting an injunction prohibiting cross-recruiting was granted. The defendants were ordered to not recruit anybody from Talk Fusion who was not personally sponsored by a person in the defendants’ company.

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Amway Global v. Woodward (ED Mich – Sept. 30, 2010)

This is a motion to confirm an arbitration award in favor of Amway and against certain Monavie distributors who were found to have been liable for cross-recruiting IBOs by soliciting them to join Monavie in violation of Amway’s policies and

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Local Ad Link, Inc. v. Adzzoo, LLC (D.Nev. – Sept. 9, 2010)

  LocalAdLink is an internet advertising company. It sues a former employee who starts a rival company, AdzZoo, for cross-recruiting. AdzZoo then counterclaims against LocalAdLink and other third parties. However, the AdzZoo claims against the third parties are not “dependent

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Univera, Inc. v. Terhune (W.D. Wash. – Aug. 31, 2010)

This is a typical cross-recruiting case. The distributors form a new company. Their old company sues them for cross-recruiting. They counterclaim because the company essentially terminated them when it learned that they had started a new company. The company moves to

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